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Kirixia is a planet created by Lumoshi. This article details the timeline of Kirixia.

Before AgeEdit

The Before Age is one of the most interesting to study. This is due to that there is no official, standardized dating systems so all years in this period are an estimate. They are referred to as BC, or before calendar.

  • 10000 BC: Earliest recorded history. During this time period, many nomadic groups walked around the western continent of Kirixia, rarely coming into contact with each other. Much of the planet was settled except for southern Emag, which was nearly frozen over during this time.
  • 5000 BC: The first major civilization is established: Skayansta. This civilization arises from the combination of, most notably, the Kersek people, as well as other nomadic groups. The area around the Orkanthon Peninsula is chosen as a strong central location, with Orkanthon picked as a capital.
  • 3000 BC: The Skayanstan society collapses after an invasion by the Alsisles.
  • 2700 BC: The Skayanstan Liberation occurs around this year after a strong group of rebels manage to shake off Alsisia's rule and their efforts to strengthen their state. Over on the Loopian continent, the first major civilizations are established from refugees who decided to sail over from Orkanthon.
  • 1900 BC: Loopian rulers attempt to explore the rest of the continent. Nolok is settled, and Betletenon and Eskara soon after.
  • 1800 BC: Eskaran rebels invade the Loopian capital of Ivirkia, close to the northern coast. This prompts the Loopians to move more troops into Eskara and move their capital further west.
  • 1100 BC: Tensions escalate over around Loopia, where the Eskarans are still unhappy with Loopian rule. The first Loopian Civil War occurs, which ends up with Eskara winning and separating from Loopia.
  • 700 BC: The Nimdans and Merkans form their own states northwest of Skayansta.
  • 450 BC: The second Loopian Civil War occurs. Betletenonites seize the new Loopian capital and declare their independence, allying with Nolok. However, Nolok double-crosses them in the war and invades their territory, spawning another conflict that lasts for years. It results in the two countries splitting up, and the decaying of the once-great Loopian empire.
  • 250 BC: Loopia shrugs the Betletenonites out of their capital and form a new government, a monarchy. The new ruler is called King Loopy I, the name all future rulers will have.
  • 200 BC: Oriarran natives declare independence from Betletenon. It is negotiated without a war.
  • 100 BC: Diplomatic relations between Skayansta and Loopia begin, leading to trading.
  • 70 BC: Loopia's economy collapses after drought and famine hits the nation. Much of Loopia's exports are agricultural, so they cannot trade with Skayansta. Northern Loopians then place pressure on the Southern Loopians to grow food, leading to imbalance in the economy.
  • 60 BC: South Loopia is sick of supporting North Loopia with nothing in return, so they secede, a decision backed by King Loopy VI.
  • 25 BC: What remains of Eskara, a kingdom in ruins due to frigid conditions at the north, is conquered by Nolok.

Sparkling AgeEdit

Called this because founders of the calendar system intended for the world to progress into a brand new, "sparkling" stage. This name does not very accurately describe the period, however, because many conflicts and natural disasters occur.

  • 1: A convention is held in Orkanthon, Skayansta, which establishes the Segnian calendar system. This defines the day and year of the planet, which are 23 hours and 412 days, respectively. Fifteen months are defined based on the approximate orbit of the largest moon, Aleimi. This also approximates the length of the day to 24 hours and adds an extra day roughly every month to compensate for this. At this time, there are nine main kingdoms across the world: Skayansta, Nolok, Betletenon, North Loopia, South Loopia, Oriarra, Alsisia, Merkest, and Nimda.
  • 2: A minor war between Merkest and Alsisia breaks out.
  • 18: Oriarra is ravaged by a tsunami.
  • 26: World population hits 10 million.
  • 47: The Loopian Revolution begins, deposing King Loopy X from his throne in South Loopia. A war between the north and south occurs.
  • 49: The Loopian Revolution ends, failing to reunite the two kingdoms. However, King Loopy XI is instated to the throne who promises to start an era of peace.
  • 59: Xornesic of Skayansta begins his series of raids on the Alsisles, who have become increasingly hostile.
  • 98: Xornesic's raids come to an end due to his death, and his followers back off.

Chaotic AgeEdit

More war follows the already pretty conflict-ridden Sparkling Age. This age features some of the deadliest conflicts to date, such as the Loopian Civil War which continues from before. Many rebellions occur during this time, and historical amounts of refugees are displaced from many nations.

  • 150-160: Loopian turmoil occurs as terrorists from both the north and south attempt to strike each side. This results in the Treaty of 160, which rejoins the two nations under King Loopy XVI.
  • 178: World population hits 20 million.
  • 201: Nolok attempts to invade the weak Loopian empire, which is suffering from internal problems. They succeed, and take a solid chunk of the nation.
  • 248: King Loopy XX revokes the Treaty of 160, separating Loopia once more.
  • 273: Oriarra is hit by more natural disasters, causing the population to need to vacate the majority of the island. It is resettled 50 years later by refugees. The once-powerful kingdom is now gone, and the land was claimed by Betletenon.
  • 300: The rise of a faith known as Archism, which is the belief in some form of supreme deity who was/were not identified through any historical texts, begins in Skayansta. The known members of this faith believed in everlasting peace. However, it is quickly shot down because many do not believe in such a possibility. Followers are publicly shunned.
  • 321: World population hits 50 million.
  • 323: Refugees resettle the former land of Oriarra, but it is now owned by Betletenon. The refugees are mainly exiled Archists and Loopians seeking refuge from the long-lasting civil war between the north and south.
  • 339: The Alsisle-Skayanstan Wars begin. These are caused by Skayansta attempting to cross over land to trade with Emag, but the Alsisles who lie in the way are extremely hostile and take down any people who cross their land. These wars last for many years.

Exploration AgeEdit

Triggered by events of the Chaotic Age, exploration occurs to learn more about the globe. This leads to industrialization and the economy booming, although this age is very brief, as the Destruction Age soon follows.

  • 343-46: Morkaneth of Skayansta leads a voyage to find a sea route to Emag, as well as map at least some portion of the world. Previously, only one sea route was traveled upon. Morkaneth travels around the southeast of Skayansta to bypass the Alsisles. He then travels around the west and unexpectedly lands in Alsisle territory. His crew barely escapes. They find routes to Nimda. On an attempt to return to Skayansta, Morkaneth is shipwrecked in the Marsic Ocean in the thirteenth month of 345. The survivors return to Skayansta mainly by land.
  • 349: The discovery of trade routes prompt an age of exploration that spreads across the globe fast. Many get in the exploration spirit. Morkaneth travels on a second voyage across the Zersic Ocean to try to find new routes to Loopia, which bypass the storms. He is shipwrecked, but discovers the uninhabited island of Morkan, later named for him.
  • 351-53: Morkaneth's final voyage. Many Skayanstans are left at Morkan to settle it, while the rest travel to Loopian trade ports to find some new routes. This voyage is successful. Morkaneth passes away in 355.
  • 357: Skayansta defeats Alsisia and takes their land, stretching their empire from ocean to ocean.
  • 358: Betletenonite explorers begin voyages. This short first voyage is an attempt to prove that the Sea of Betletenon could lead straight to Loopia. Successful.
  • 360-63: Second Betletenonite exploration. Meant to map the coastline east of the Eskara Range. The expedition was nearly completed until the entire crew was shipwrecked north of Betletenon, with only three survivors.
  • 366: Final Betletenonite exploration. Meant to map the seas east of Oriarra. Many wondered if they could reach Skayansta by sailing east, but this portion of the expedition was aborted due to lack of support.
  • 380: Period of globalization and industrialization. With further knowledge of geography, the economy booms.

Destruction AgeEdit

Characterized by the Universal War. This affects everyone on the planet in some way. Entire sections of civilizations are wiped out the the war, which was so massive in scales that historians identify several "wars within wars". It is truly a catastrophic era. Following the war is less war, but any progress made by the Exploration Age was completely wiped out as civilizations regressed and anarchy-based governments now take place.

  • 391: The deadly universal war begins. Skayansta, Emag, and Betletenon are pitted against everyone else.
  • 400: The mysterious wizard Karthenon becomes notable, claiming to receive power from the Archist gods.
  • 402: Karthenon helps to end the war. However, many people freaked out by his power assassinate him. Seemingly knowing he would die, his last words were "my successors, come forth in two hundred years". The war was completely devastating and wiped out three-fourths of the world population. The Merkest Kingdom was completely wiped out, and the Nimdans were also nearly genocided by Betletenonite forces. Loopia is forced to reunite to stay alive. Development is halted and anarchy reigns supreme worldwide.
  • 478: The Betletenonite Revolution.
  • 520: World population hits 20 million once more.

Progress AgeEdit

Recovery from the Destruction Age leads to more stability, causing development to rise once more. This age coincides with industry taking precedent globally.

  • 550-600: After governments and economies begin to stabilize, many of the larger empires begin rapid development.
  • 615: The Qooks begin their expanse across the world, attempting to forcefully unify everyone.
  • 617: The present.