Lumoshi by Doh Windless
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Lumalee (recolor)
Lumoshi by Doh Windless
Current Age 14
Date of Birth December 5, 2000
Gender Male
Species Luma
Living Town Comet Observatory
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Air
Ability/ies Use of air power
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Life as a Luma
Latest Appearance Starship Crew
Lumoshi is a male Luma in Life as a Luma and Starship Crew who shares his name with his creator, Lumoshi, in addition to serving as one of the main characters in the aforementioned fan fiction and game. He is 14 and was born on the fifth of December 2000.



Lumoshi is normally a gray Luma, but when he is using his powers of wind, he becomes slightly less opaque and is surrounded with mist.


Lumoshi, like Lumalee, is extremely hyperactive and immature at times, but has more common sense than his friend and is more intelligent overall. He is also extremely shy. His personalities somewhat reflect that of his creator, Lumoshi.




Since they met, the two Lumas have been inseparable friends, having a great relationship. They bicker at times but are usually very loyal to each other.







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