This will be an upcoming Pokémon game, but with more mature elements.

Tier listEdit


  • S: Lt. Surge, Morty, Juan, Crasher Wake, Byron, Drayden
    • Lance, Alder, Siebold
  • A: Giovanni, Falkner, Brawly, Norman, Volkner
    • Sidney, Drake, Steven, Flint
  • B: Brock, Chili, Cilan, Cress, Marlon, Grant
    • Bruno, Aaron
  • C: Wattson, Wallace, Clay
    • Lucian, Wikstrom
  • D: Koga, Chuck, Pryce, Roark, Cheren, Clemont, Wulfric
    • Marshal
  • F: Bugsy, Tate, Brycen, Ramos
    • Grimsley


  • S: Clair, Sabrina, Elesa
    • Cynthia, Diantha, Malva
  • A: Viola, Korrina, Skyla, Flannery, Whitney
    • Karen, Glacia, Caitlin
  • B: Misty (HGSS), Winona, Valerie, Roxie, Jasmine
    • Lorelei, Drasna, Shauntal, Phoebe
  • C: Erika, Olympia, Gardenia, Maylene, Fantina, Candice
    • Agatha, Bertha

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