Starship L is a miniseries by Sr.Wario that is an alternate universe look at Starship Crew and Life as a Luma. A 2D animated series, the miniseries aired on Netflix. A more dramatic smart take on Life as a Luma, inspirations include Firefly and Star Trek. The series follows Lumoshi, an energetic new pilot as he joins Starship L, runned by the serious enigmatic Rosalina as they investigate cosmic evils and grow.






  1. Pilot: Lumoshi graduates successfully from Lumarian Academy, but is outshined by Joe. However, Lumoshi gets an opportunity to join the Starship L.
  2. Deadly Diplomacy: Rosalina visits Princess Peach on Mushroom World, but Bowser comes in, sabotaging the visit.
  3. Trail of the Dustars: The team come upon a deserted ship that has been attacked by the mysterious Dustars.
  4. The Luma Nemesis: Lumoshi gets the crew in trouble when they must enter in a high stakes race against Joe, his rival.