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Developer(s) CometGamingSeal
Publisher(s) CometGamingSeal
Platform(s) Nintendo Comet
Wii U
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Super Mario Galaxy
Predecessor Super Mario Galaxy 2
Successor TBA
Release Date(s)
USAtendo-back July 20, 2014
Flag of Europe July 21, 2014
Flag of Japan July 24, 2014
Flag of Australia August 4, 2014
Korean November 10, 2014
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ERating3RatingA CERO cero50px ACB G svg converted
Media Included Nintendo Comet disc

Super Mario Galaxy: War of the Cosmos is a new installment in the Super Mario Galaxy series, made for the Nintendo Comet by Comet Gaming, Inc. It is the third Super Mario Galaxy game, succeeding Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is very similar to the original Super Mario Galaxy, in both gameplay and story, but there are new elements included in the game, such as new characters and new galaxies.


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Bowser is bound in an eternal prison by Rosalina after his last attempt to take over the universe. A spell has been cast on him so he cannot leave as long as he remains chained to the ground in a chamber on an uninhabited planet. The Koopalings take advantage of this and wreck the castle, and Bowser Jr. seems to be the only one determined to find their father. So, he sets out to find traces of magic that could lead to his father's location. Sure enough, he finds Bowser and frees him. With this, the spell is over. Before they leave, Bowser states that there must be a form of magic on the planet that will sustain the magic that keeps him there. They search and find it, being a magical wand known as the Star Staff. It contains unbelievable power. Due to his loyalty, Bowser duplicates the Star Staff and gives the copy to Bowser Jr. They leave the planet, but are struck down by Rosalina, who has discovered the magic is over. She expects that Bowser has the Star Staff and prepares for a battle, but does not realize that Jr. has one as well. A fierce battle ensues. Bowser and Bowser Jr. easily win, blasting the Observatory and Rosalina off into oblivion. However, there are casualties for the Koopas as well, as Bowser Jr.'s Star Staff is blasted into pieces, which scatter over the universe before Bowser can reassemble them. Rosalina manages to reclaim the Observatory in her freefall, but because of Bowser's dark magic, it does not function and plummets to the ground, which happens to be only five miles away from Peach's castle, according to the position of the stars. Rosalina runs there, hoping to get assistance, but finds out too late that Bowser has attacked Peach's castle, leaving the area burnt and destroyed. The castle is barely standing. What's worse is that Peach has been kidnapped, once again. The Mario Bros. and Rosalina head to see if they can fix up the observatory. Luckily, the Lumas manage to do it before they even arrive, picking them up on the way. They park it where they are, which is a crater close to the castle. Harnessing the remaining star power, they are able to rise into space just enough to reach a galaxy. Mario, Luigi, and Rosalina head into space to collect Power Stars and stop Bowser once again.

Meanwhile, with the new power Bowser has, he sends out his armies to all the nooks and crannies of the universe to collect the pieces of the Star Staff that belonged to Bowser Jr. They use the Star Staff to transform some of their minions into cosmic versions of themselves, and unleash them into the universe. Bowser declares that he is "invanquishable" with this new power. In one galaxy, Mario manages to find a part of the Star Staff. Rosalina explains that this will be very beneficiary to defeating Bowser. But suddenly, it has been detected that Bowser Jr.'s fleet is in the area. Mario defeats him, but Bowser Jr. is rescued by Bowser, who destroys the galaxy with his Star Staff. Luckily, Mario manages to escape just in time. Later, Bowser himself attacks the Comet Observatory, and Mario must battle Bowser with the Star Staff. This is a very difficult fight, but Mario prevails in the end. Bowser flees. This continues until Mario finds the sixth and final piece of the Star Staff. When Bowser hears of this, he is furious and storms toward Mario. He swallows up the Comet Observatory to create his domain with it. Mario challenges Bowser and a fight ensues.


According to the presentation at the Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase, it will feature Mario, Luigi, and Rosalina as the main playable characters. The game will also feature a new twist not seen in the 3D Mario games for many years, being that galaxies now are much larger and contain up to eight stars each, being far less linear than before. There are a total of twenty-six of these larger galaxies, as well as several boss courses and other hidden stars, bringing the total to 242 stars. The Comet Observatory will return, as will the six domes. The first three domes contain only four galaxies and a one-star boss course, and the final three contain five galaxies and a boss course. The game will be heavily based on Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D World. A new power-up known as the Star Staff will be present in the storyline and can be used while fighting Bowser. Yoshi will also not be returning as a playable character, but he will be in some galaxies as an NPC. The standard life meter from the series returns, having three wedges. Star Bits and coins can be collectable as well, and the Co-Star Luma returns. The game does not have support for multiplayer besides it. It can be played on the Wii U Gamepad, with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or with the Wii U Pro Controller. A new feature is also present in the game, which is that a single puzzle piece is hidden in each galaxy. If all of them are collected, they will form a puzzle of concept artwork for the game. In addition, each main level (not including comets and secrets) has a Star Bit trophy, which serve a similar purpose to Green Stars in Super Mario 3D World. The trophies are much easier to find than puzzle pieces, but there are many of them.

Demo gameplay at F7ASEdit

At the showcase, a demo showing three playable galaxies was open to be played. The first galaxy was a large mansion similar to Big Boo's Haunt, featuring three large floors as well as several surrounding areas such as a graveyard. The second was a galaxy featuring Bowser's fleet, where he was fought at the end. It had basis on ice, featuring frozen airships, blizzards, and several Ice Bros. This was confirmed by Comet Gaming, Inc. to be the boss course of the Fountain, and its name is Bowser's Icy Airship Attack. The final galaxy was a galaxy featuring moving flipswitches, many Octoombas, and raining meteors, which also contained a Yoshi Egg. It is not possible to open it in the demo, however. The demo was available in the Nintendo eShop after April 25, 2014, for five dollars.


Button Function
16px-ClassicController a Jump, select
16px-ClassicController b Star Spin, go back
16px-Wiimote Minus Return camera to default position
16px-Wiimote Plus Pause game
16px-Def Stick.svg 1 Move, navigate menu
16px-Def Stick.svg 2 Move camera
37px-ClassicController L/20px-ClassicController ZL Crouch
37px-ClassicController L/20px-ClassicController ZL + down on 16px-Def Stick.svg 1 Ground Pound
37px-ClassicController L/20px-ClassicController ZL + forward on 16px-Def Stick.svg 1 Long Jump
37px-ClassicController L/20px-ClassicController ZL + 16px-ClassicController a Backward Somersault.
37px-ClassicController L/20px-ClassicController ZL + left or right on 16px-Def Stick.svg 1 Sideways Somersault.
16px-ClassicController a + 16px-ClassicController a (after landing) Double Jump
16px-ClassicController a + 16px-ClassicController a (after landing) + 16px-ClassicController a (after landing) Triple Jump
37px-ClassicController R/20px-ClassicController ZR + Aim with 31px-Wii U GamePad.svg Shoot Star Bit
Shake 31px-Wii U GamePad.svg or 37px-ClassicController R/20px-ClassicController ZR Star Spin



All playable characters are unlocked from the start. The player can switch by talking to the character at their location in the observatory. Luigi is near the garage, Rosalina is to the right of the terrace, and Mario is near the Launch Star to the Planet of Trials.

Name Picture Stats
Mario 386px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Speed: Smg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSilverstariconSilverstaricon
Strength: Smg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSilverstaricon
Agility: Smg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSilverstariconSilverstariconSilverstaricon
Luigi 200px-Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Speed: Smg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstar
Strength: Smg icon powerstarSilverstariconSilverstariconSilverstariconSilverstaricon
Agility: Smg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSilverstaricon
Rosalina Rosalina NSMBAS Speed: Smg icon powerstarSilverstariconSilverstariconSilverstariconSilverstaricon
Strength: Smg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSilverstariconSilverstaricon
Agility: Smg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstarSmg icon powerstar


Name Description Picture
Cosmic Mario Cosmic Mario is faced when a Cosmic Comet is in orbit around a galaxy and the player is playing as Mario, forcing a race to the Power Star. His difficulty level is medium. CosmicMario22721
Cosmic Luigi Cosmic Luigi is faced when a Cosmic Comet is in orbit around a galaxy and the player is playing as Luigi, forcing a race to the Power Star. His difficulty level is high. CosmicLuigi22127
Cosmic Rosalina Cosmic Rosalina is faced when a Cosmic Comet is in orbit around a galaxy and the player is playing as Rosalina, forcing a race to the Power Star. Her difficulty level is low. CosmicRosalina22712


Name Description Picture
Cosmic Queen Bee TBA Cosmic Queen Bee


New enemiesEdit

Name Description Picture
Penman Penmen are new enemies. They hop around levels, and when they see Mario, they leap in the air and attempt to stab him. If he does a spin near them, he can pick them up and use them to erase obstacles. Penman
Popchip Popchips are enemies based off of candy. In certain galaxies, meteors made of rock candy can be seen. When they strike the ground, three Popchips come out. They attack by hopping around the course and sticking to the player while the others attack. NewPopChipArt
Cosmic Goomba A new type of enemies have been introduced. These are able to manipulate parts of levels such as gravity. Cosmic Goombas do not do much, but can dissolve surfaces they walk on temporarily. Cosmic Goombas

Returning enemiesEdit

Name Description Picture
Amps Amps are very tiny creatures that move around a set path. They give Mario an electric shock if he touches it.
Banzai Bills Banzai Bills are like Bullet Bills, but much larger. They do not home in on Mario. BanzaibillNSMBU
Big Boos Big Boos are larger versions of Boos. They act the exact same way, following Mario and then stopping if he looks at them. Big Boo NSMBDIY
Bloopers Bloopers patrol waters and can swim to block Mario, or squirt ink around an area to obscure his vision. BlooperMK8
Bob-omb Bob-ombs can come from Bob-omb Blasters. They walk around an area and begin to explode when they are near Mario. BobOmbMK8
Bomb Boo Bomb Boos can be captured with a spin and then thrown around, where they will explode. Bombboo
Boo Similar to Big Boos, but smaller. Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Boomerang Bro. Boomerang Bros. can shoot boomerangs at the player. They usually appear in groups of three. BoomerangBro
Bullet Bill Bullet Bills are shot from Bullet Bill Blasters. They can home in on Mario as they fly. They are destroyed when they hit something. 120px
Chomp Chomps can roll around galaxies, hurting players that stray in its path. 120px
Cheep-Cheeps Cheep-Cheeps are seen in watery areas and can hurt Mario if he touches them. 120px
Choppah Choppahs can be seen hovering in the air in some galaxies, and will hurt the player. 120px
Cluckbooms Cluckbooms drop giant eggs onto galaxies that turn out to be bombs, which explode in a few seconds. 120px
Crabbers Crabbers are seen in beachy areas. They can be defeated by spinning a soft spot on their back. 150px



More information: Terrace
Name Description Stars
Skyhigh Skybase Galaxy The galaxy is the first place Bowser's army has been sent. It features several airships and small planets, and Launch Stars are heavily used throughout. A brand new boss known as Astro Piranha is fought at the end, battled in an anti-gravity chamber. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Sweet Sweet Mountain Galaxy The galaxy is based heavily off of Sweet Sweet Canyon from Mario Kart 8, being several floating planets made entirely of sweets. However, here, they ar much bigger and have several more features, including a boss named Poprock, who is made entirely of rock candy, as well as Pop Chips, similar enemies. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Wacky Waterfall Galaxy There is only one planet on this galaxy, a beach area with a waterfall. There are references to both Beach Bowl Galaxy and Noki Bay, and there are two bosses that return from Super Mario Sunshine, Gooper Blooper and Eely Mouth. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Crazy Clocktower Galaxy This is a galaxy based on a clock, similar to Tick Tock Clock. The third Power Star in the level is necessary to collect, as it opens the final course of the Terrace. The level features many gears and the introduction of a new power-up, Gear Mario. The first piece of the Star Staff is found in here. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Bowser Jr.'s Tower of Terror This galaxy consists of several planets put close enough together to form a single massive tower. There are many trials to face, including King Boo, who must be fought at the end of the level. Mario collects the Grand Star to open the Fountain after this. File:Smg icon grandstar.png


More information: Fountain
Name Description Stars
Pencil Plaza Galaxy The galaxy is heavily based on pencils and other art/office supplies, even featuring a magic carpet made of tape. It introduces new enemies known as the Penmen, who attack by attempting to stab Mario with their points. However, Mario can take advantage of them and use them to erase obstacles. A boss known as Penking is fought. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Flip and Flame Galaxy This is the third demo course, featuring many Flipswitches and Flipswap tiles, which were not seen in the demo. It is inhabited by Octoombas and Octopi, and features many raining meteors. A boss inhabits the galaxy, known as Fliptrap. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Boo Mansion Galaxy This is the first demo course. It is based heavily on Big Boo's Haunt, featuring a main planet with a large mansion and several paths inside and around it. It also takes some basis from the Ghostly Galaxy, as the Spooky Speedster returns. King Boo must also be battled twice in the galaxy. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Ninja Honeycomb Galaxy This level is based in and around a massive honeyhive, introducing brand new enemies called Beeninjas, a play on Greninja from Pokémon. There are friendly bees, but the hive has been taken over by Beeninjas and the area's boss, Queen Beeninja, who is a rival of the Queen Bee from the first two games, who reappears. Cosmic Queen Bee is also a boss. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Bowser's Icy Airship Attack The boss course of the fountain. Mario must navigate a fleet of airships while overcoming lots of ice and snow. Ice Bros. are common throughout the galaxy. Mario must also use an Ice Flower in the level to cross a large airship full of water. At the end, Mario must fight Bowser (with the Star Staff) across nine airships. After defeat, he turns over a Grand Star. File:Smg icon grandstar.png


More information: Kitchen
Name Description Stars
Bob-omb Battlefield Galaxy This is a remake of Bob-omb Battlefield, featuring virtually the same missions from Super Mario 64, but with new planets added, with a secret trial section in the level as well. King Bob-omb is fought once again, as well as under a Daredevil and Speedy Comet. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Musical Medley Galaxy A galaxy based on musical instruments, featuring a main planet very similar to Music Park from Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8. New enemies named Violints are based on you guessed it, violins and attempt to shoot their bows at Mario. A boss is fought known as King Violint. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Crude Cactus Galaxy A desert based galaxy, all centering around a mountainous but desert main planet. Mario needs to use a sand sail to make it through parts of it, and there is also a sand based obstacle course in the level, as well as a sand slide. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Whirlwind Cloud Galaxy A sky-based galaxy with heavy usage of Cloud Mario. This includes attempting to avoid thunderstorms. A piece of the Star Staff is found here. A boss is fought here, being a massive version of a Foo from the other Mario games. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Bowser Jr.'s Deep Sea Submarine This level consists of one large planet, made up of a large tank filled with water. Bowser Jr. is fought at the end, inside a submarine at the very bottom of the tank. Upon defeat, he relinquishes the third Grand Star, and access to the bedroom. File:Smg icon grandstar.png


More information: Bedroom
Name Description Stars
Tundra Sun Galaxy The galaxy is another fire/ice hybrid like Freezeflame and Shiverburn. The galaxy features a mountainous main planet covered in ice, which Mario can melt to reveal many hidden passageways, many of which go to a star. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Race Rally Galaxy The galaxy is based on Mario Kart, with many "boost panels" along the way. Mario races the Toad Brigade during the events in courses based on Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart Wii, with two from each. Comets take place accordingly. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Mayhem Mines Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Wear-Tear Galaxy This galaxy is slowly being torn apart by black holes. There are four passageways available during the events, but one is open for each mission. The galaxy is very obstacle-course based, like Super Mario Sunshine secrets. Mario has a five minute limit before everything is torn apart. File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Serene Sea Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Bowser's Electric Reactor The second Bowser battle. Bowser now possesses an electric reactor, which has many electric-type enemies such as Amps. In one point of the level, Mario must climb a network of girders while avoiding metal parts. The Bowser fight is similar to the previous one. File:Smg icon grandstar.png

Engine RoomEdit

More information: Engine Room
Name Description Stars
Frozen Palace Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Chaotic Construction Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Creepy City Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Iron Industrial Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Ocean Complex Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Bowser Jr.'s Stone Reactor Mario needs to make his way through a very rocky mountainous area, where the Rock Mushroom will be used heavily to defeat enemies and break obstacles out of the way. Bowser Jr. is fought using a Rock Mushroom. Mario needs to spin an open spot on him to defeat him, opening the Garden. File:Smg icon grandstar.png


More information: Garden
Name Description Stars
Towering Tree Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Clockwork Nexus Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Gondola Mania Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Hot Hourglass Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Lava Palace Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.pngFile:Powerstar.png20px20px20px20px
Bowser's Universe Reactor TBA File:Smg icon grandstar.png

Spire (secret)Edit

Name Description Stars
Retro Remix Galaxy The galaxy features remixes of Beat Block Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2, World Star-9 from Super Mario 3D World, and a secret level from Super Mario Sunshine. Several elements from these games return along with upgraded visuals and many gimmicks. File:Powerstar.png20px
UFO Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.png20px
Flat Nebula Galaxy TBA File:Powerstar.png20px
TBA TBA File:Powerstar.png20px
Boss Bash Galaxy Mario must face six bosses from the game, which are to be determined. In addition, they must also be faced subsequently under a daredevil comet without a checkpoint. File:Powerstar.png20px
Champion's Challenge Galaxy This is the final level of the game and contains a Grand Star. It can be unlocked by collecting five stars on the save file: beat Bowser one time, collect every other Power Star, collect all puzzle pieces, collect all Star Bit trophies, and clear each course with all three characters. File:Smg icon grandstar.png


Name Description Picture
Star Bits They can be found in every galaxy. Mario's total amount of Star Bits is recorded throughout the game. They can be used to temporarily stun enemies and feed Hungry Lumas. 100px
Coin They can be found in every galaxy. Mario's total amount of coins is recorded throughout the game. Mario gains one wedge of his life meter when collecting a coin. 100px
Purple A Purple Comet can be found in every galaxy, bringing a mission where Mario must collect a total of 100 Purple Coins, although some galaxies have more, some even having up to 150. 100px
Question Coin Question Coins can produce music notes, Star Bits, Launch Stars, and several other things. 120px
Life Mushroom Life Mushrooms add an additional section on Mario's health meter, bringing his max health up to six. The extra section disappears when three or less wedges remain. 120px
1-Up Mushroom These give Mario an additional life, as in most Mario games. 110px
Green Shell Green Shells are in galaxies either alone or on a Koopa Troopa. When Mario carries one, he has increased speed in water. He can also kill enemies with them. 120px
Red Shell Red Shells are in galaxies either alone or on a Koopa Troopa. When Mario carries one, he has increased speed in water, even more so than with a Green Shell. He can also kill enemies with them. 120px
Gold Shell Gold Shells are in galaxies either alone or on a Koopa Troopa. When Mario carries one, he has maximum speed in water. He can also kill enemies with them. They are very rare. 120px

Prankster CometsEdit

Name Function Picture
Speedy Comet Mario must complete a level with a time limit. Some of these repeat the Daredevil Comet missions, having Mario defeat a boss with a time limit.
Cosmic Comet Mario must race Cosmic Mario to the star across a course. If the player is playing as Luigi, the star will be harder to get, but easier with Rosalina.
Daredevil Comet Mario must complete a task with only one wedge of health. Often, this is a boss fight, although in rare instances it is an entire level.
Purple Comet Mario must collect 100 Purple Coins in a course. Sometimes, there are more than 100 Purple Coins, going up to 150, but only 100 need to be collected.
Game Comet Mario must play a minigame with the Chimp, like in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Most of these involve scoring and racing challenges.
Romp Comet Mario must defeat enemies in a set time limit. Most of these are on one planet, although sometimes Mario must traverse a galaxy to complete these missions.
Hidden Comet Mario must collect a Green Star hidden in a course. These are not as difficult to find as in Super Mario Galaxy 2, but are still challenging.


Name Description Power-up Transformation
Fire Flower The Fire Flower allows Mario to shoot fireballs for fifteen seconds, which can kill enemies, light torches, and other useful functions that help Mario throughout the game. 150px 180px
Ice Flower The Ice Flower transforms Mario into pure ice, making him able to freeze water and fire so he can cross them easily. An ability added from its last appearance is shooting iceballs. It lasts for fifteen seconds. 150px 170px
Spring Mushroom Mario is able to bounce to high places, two times higher than possible with a triple jump. The form is not timed, but Mario loses it if he is hit or touches water. 130px 180px
Spin Drill Mario is able to dig into dirt to tunnel into secret areas and such. The form is not timed, but Mario loses it if he is hit by an enemy or if he touches water. 150px 150px
Red Star Mario can fly for a total time of one minute, activated simply with a jump and spin. The form can be stopped early if Mario is hit or touches water. 150px
Credit to Arend (Talk) for art.
Boo Mushroom Mario becomes a Boo. With a spin, he can become transparent shortly, enabling him to go through specially marked walls. The form is not timed but can end with damage or water. 130px 150px
Bee Mushroom Mario becomes a bee. If he holds the jump button, he can fly for a short time, until his fly meter runs out. It can be refilled with a coin. The form is not timed but can end with damage or water. 130px 150px
Super Gear (new) A Super Gear makes Mario transform into a gear, where he can roll between other gears to easily scale high towers of gears. The form is not timed but can end with damage or water. 150px 150px
Rainbow Star Mario becomes invincible for ten seconds with this powerup. He can defeat enemies with a touch and leaves a trail of Star Bits behind him as he moves. 150px 180px
Cat Bell Mario can attack using paws and also scale walls for short periods of time. This is not timed, but ends with damage of touching water. Otherwise, it works the same way. 150px 150px
Star Staff (new) TBA 150px 180px



Main article: Soundtrack
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