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Lumalee (recolor)
Full Name Zario
Current Age 100
Date of Birth December 31, 1914
Gender Male
Species Zarians
Living Town Zarland
Current Status In your bedroom
Main Weapon(s) <insert name here>
Element(s) Death
Vulnerable To Nothing
First Appearance Zuper Zario Zrothers Zxtreme
What is this piece of crap in front of me?
Zario, while looking at <insert name here>

Zario (also known as Zaweeoh) is a new character in the Mario series, making his debut in Zuper Zario Zrothers Zxtreme, a new game for the Nintendo Comet.

He is currently deceased.



Zario is a human of average size and height. Due to mutation, his skin has been transformed to purple. He wears purple shoes, a blue shirt and hat, and lime green overalls. His eyes are bright green. He looks rather similar to Mario, don't you think?


Zario believes that he is perfect. As such, he has very high confidence when facing Zowser, so he cannot be beaten. He can be rather full of himself at times, though. This can lead to situations that can be particularly testing.


Zario holds <insert name here> in very high regard, thinking that they are a piece of crap as stated in his quote. This means that his low regards are very low. He has no romantic interests besides a narcissistic love for himself and his love for Eyerio. Each day, he admires a picture of himself on his beside table.

I am so hot.

He also has a good relationship with his ally Zoshi.


Zario was born on the stormy evening of Thursday, December 31, 1914, to his parents Clarissa and Kyle Weedlewafer in suburban Boston, Massachusetts. Pretty soon after his birth, he was enrolled in school and took very high grades. After graduating, he moved out of the Weedlewafer household to pursue a scientific career and purchased his own chemistry lab.

By 1939, he had accidentally performed a mutation on himself that would gradually transform himself to purple over the years. Not wanting to be a social outcast cause of this, he secretly managed to create a warp portal to another universe. However, he did this horribly wrong and somehow fabricated a world where everything started with Z and was purple.

After entering the world, which he hastily took over and named Zarland, he settled down and found a sidekick named Zoshi. They had many adventures with each other.


Zuper Zario Zrothers ZxtremeEdit

Zario is the sole playable character in his title, Zuper Zario Zrothers Zxtreme. Despite the name, he has no brother, not even a zrother. Instead, Zoshi assists him through the game. His jumping powers allow him to jump to the moon with little to no effort. He can kill Zowser with a touch.

He is able to consume radioactive and rabid cows in the game, something Zoshi cannot do. He also has the power to use <insert name here> as part of his attacks. He can use rabid cows as an attack as well.

The Legend of KyuEdit

Zario makes an appearance in this game, and is an ally to Kyu.


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